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How To Use YouTube For eCommerce

16 Apr

How to Use YouTube To Increase Sales

youtube logoI decided one Saturday afternoon to put my video camera on a stand, set up a table, and show my customers how to fold a bandanna. Customers would frequently purchase bandannas from my online store and after receiving the bandanna, would send us questions about how to fold the bandanas for that urban look.

Today, the video we created has 160,664 views and resulted in over 10,821 sales transactions! This is all from 1 video that took 30 minutes to make.

Why Video?

For many educational tasks it is simply easier for you to show someone how to do something rather than to write it all down, edit it, and illustrate it in a written format. When you write you want to make your content very conversational and engaging – and you know how hard it can be. If you are not a professional writer, the blank page can be scary.

Most of us have a video camera and when you talk to the camera like a person, you easily come across as conversational. The use of images, voice, and narration makes videos the perfect tool and an easy solution.

What Should I Record My First Video About?

Like the blank page for a writer, you still need to craft content for your video. Where do you start? I think that is easy: simply take the top 5 or 10 most frequently asked questions in your business and start there.

All you need to do is sit in front of the camera, read off the question and then answer it on camera. Things like:

  • How your products are packaged
  • What payment methods you take
  • Shipping options / delivery times
  • How to combine orders

Start with the simple stuff. This will make you more comfortable speaking to the camera and you get the bonus of never having to answer that question again for your customers. If they email you the question you can now simply point to the video link. Easy win.
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