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Social Media Measurement Tweets Summary

19 Apr
The tweet comments below will given you an insight of

 Social Media Measurement

  1. Sales is not the only ROI outcome for social media. Saving money, e.g., via service, and customer loyalty…
  2. Turn your opt-in customers fromursocial into volunteer brand marketers- But how many brands really do it right?
  3. Continually assess socialmedia vehicles. What works for one company may not work for yours
  4. Sales is not the only outcome in social media. Loyalty and customer retention are important too via
  5. Be tool-agnostic- built your social strategy on business goals, not on which channel to use.
  6. Don’t make knee jerk decisions on data that is not statistically valid – too small a sample size, let it play out over more time
  7. Social media may be the fastest thing ever but also the longest time for results Let it cook!
  8. “If you’re generating social media noise without engaged attention, it’s time to re-evaluate your strategy.
  9. Social Media may be FAST but results and measurements are not as quick to come around. Marinate your numbers!
  10. Let your metrics “bake”. Don’t make knee jerk decisions based on 1 month of data. Benchmark ur data.
  11. Nurture followers towards the ‘sale’ & cultivate communication & referral relationships via socialmedia as another touchpoint
  12. New to social? Create an FAQ about your company & post in various social channels, track what people actually use.
  13. Have to look at correlation over causation when it comes to measuring SM impact.
  14. 57% of companies that blog have been getting leads from their blogs.
  15. Social media does not happen overnight. There are no instant results. Don’t try to microwave, instead marinate!
  16. The best tool for social media measuring is the human brain, and that’s never going to change
  17. Social media marketing is like offline marketing. It is hard to prove that an increase in revenue is based solely from marketing
  18. Common mistakes in social measurement include impatience & by using the metrics provided by just the tool you are using
  19. Don’t measure social media using just social media, must have a correlation to business success!
  20. What  tools do I need? Everyone needs 3: monitor / listen, CRM, and analytics. Pulling them all together is the human middleware.

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