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Some Tools to monitor your business.

13 Aug

Pictures speaks for themselves so I have tried not to talk much on these charts. These free tools are great to monitor your social media performance and give you an insight what really is going on. The numbers are only “numbers” I would give importance on what comparative analysis between the time period and between the two different brands so that you know if you are doing things right and take corrective action to better yourselves.

I have taken two councils Torfaen and Caerphilly and have shown their social media performance in charts which I find rather interesting.


The Klout Score measures influence based on your shared information or how  you react with others. Every time you create content or engage you influence others.  This is one of the important number that will show you if you are doing things in the correct direction. Klout has bunch of metrics which gives you a Klout Score !

Torfaen Council Klout Score

Klout Score Explained

Caerphilly Council Klout Score

Network Influence  is the engagement level of your audience. The way that you can measure engagement is by likes, comments, lists, follows, @messages and retweets. It should be understood that each time a person does one of those things, it is a statement about how great your content is. It is not a simple thing to capture the attention of influencers and people who succeed at this definitely are sharing amazing content. The Network Influence should answer the following questions:

  • How influential are the people who follow your lists?
  • What sort of influence do the people who list you have?
  • How influential are your followers?
  • How much influence do your retweeters have?
  • What sort of influence do the people who contact you have?
Network InfluenceThe Amplification Probability is the probability that people will read you content and will take some action as a result. It has to do with your ability to create compelling content that causes other people to respond quickly and positively and to share what you have given them widely. Amplification Probability is broken down in the following manner:Velocity: 1. What is the likelihood that your content will be retweeted? 2. Do the same people retweet your content each time or are new people also retweeting your messages as time goes on?
Engagement: 1. Are you participating in discussions? 2. What sort of diversity does your group of followers have?
Activity: 1. Are you tweeting the appropriate amount for your audience? 2. Are your tweets of high quality (are you getting new followers, @replies and retweets)?Amplification Probability

True Reach

As was stated above, True Reach is t he size of your engaged audience. Non-essential accounts (accounts that are not active or spam accounts) are not included in True Reach. Only the accounts that you actually influence are taken into consideration. To look at True Reach in more detail, it is broken down in the following way:

Demand: Demand is the number of people you follow to build your number of followers and how often those people you follow return the favor.
Reach: This is how interesting your content is and whether it is substantive enough to increase your audience members, how widely your content has been shared, and how many people are adding you to their lists and whether those lists are being followed.

True Reach

These topics show your influential areas. It shows clearly what you are talking about !

Influential Topic

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So, what is ?

7 May

bitly allows users to shorten, share, and track links (URLs). Reducing the URL length makes sharing easier.bitly can be accessed through our website, bookmarklets and a robust and open API. bitly is also integrated into several popular third-party tools such as Tweetdeck, Seesmic Desktop. Immediate tracking stats are available after users shorten their long links with bitly by clicking on the “Info+” link on bitly, or just adding a “+” sign to the end of any bitlylink (for example,

What can you get ?

Tweetdeck auto shorten URL when you are interacting with social media which can be analysed in your account. These are the information you get:

Public Timeline

  • Shows you links and if you toggle  you will be able to see the content of your link.
  • InfoPage + shows number of clicks on your link with details of who is talking about the link in twitter
  • Clicks X out of Y shows the number of clicks that your bitly link specifically generated. The bottom number is the total number of bitly clicks generated for all bitly links created for that URL as a whole, for example: 100. So if you “30 out of 100” next to your link, that means the bitly link you created generated 30 clicks and 70 clicks were generated by other bitly links (from other bitly users) to that URL.
  • bundles are collections of links you can add, remove and rearrange. Bundles can be easily shared with a bitly hort link on your favorite sites like twitter and facebook. bitly shows previews of link content in a bundle, so you can see site content before clicking through to the source. Illustration


The top graph shows you Click summary within the time line you selected. This helps to understand how popular your links are ?

Users click bitly links from different clients. This graph shows you the details with referring site details. This should be helpful for you to understand where your link is popular.

Your client base is visible with this graph. You are clearly doing something wrong if you are getting more clicks from the country which is not your target. analysis helps you to find out:

  • If your clients are listening to you
  • How popular your links are
  • What sort of site you are being referred from
  • If you are reaching your target country
You can get a lot out of Free version but it might worth looking at Enterprise version. is one of the most popular link shortening services, and rightly so: it is stable, easy to use, and has pretty looking statistics. One thing does not do is export data.There is simple no other exporter out there.

The Exporter plugin allows you to export up to three years of daily click data for your links. This allows you to analyse click data like you always wanted to! All you need is WordPress.

In the backend, you get:

  • A nice graph of export to wordpress
  • A table of click data for the requested period
  • A summary of stats for the period requested (see screenshot below)
  • Support for, and any pro/custom links by
  • # of Clicks
  • Timestamp
  • Date (formatted)
  • Day of Week
  • Week #
  • Month #
  • Year
  • Days Since Export

The exported CSV includes:

  • # of Clicks
  • Timestamp
  • Date (formatted)
  • Day of Week
  • Week #
  • Month #
  • Year
  • Days Since Export
There are various apps developed with You can find list in Labs.  There are others like available. This Chart will give you idea which one is best for you   Chart. Google has its own shortner which is not mentioned in this chart. There is debate if it faster than others ?
It can be quite confusing which one to use and probably this is the most important question. Use the one you are comfortable with and that fulfils your analysis requirement.

Social Media Measurement Tweets Summary

19 Apr
The tweet comments below will given you an insight of

 Social Media Measurement

  1. Sales is not the only ROI outcome for social media. Saving money, e.g., via service, and customer loyalty…
  2. Turn your opt-in customers fromursocial into volunteer brand marketers- But how many brands really do it right?
  3. Continually assess socialmedia vehicles. What works for one company may not work for yours
  4. Sales is not the only outcome in social media. Loyalty and customer retention are important too via
  5. Be tool-agnostic- built your social strategy on business goals, not on which channel to use.
  6. Don’t make knee jerk decisions on data that is not statistically valid – too small a sample size, let it play out over more time
  7. Social media may be the fastest thing ever but also the longest time for results Let it cook!
  8. “If you’re generating social media noise without engaged attention, it’s time to re-evaluate your strategy.
  9. Social Media may be FAST but results and measurements are not as quick to come around. Marinate your numbers!
  10. Let your metrics “bake”. Don’t make knee jerk decisions based on 1 month of data. Benchmark ur data.
  11. Nurture followers towards the ‘sale’ & cultivate communication & referral relationships via socialmedia as another touchpoint
  12. New to social? Create an FAQ about your company & post in various social channels, track what people actually use.
  13. Have to look at correlation over causation when it comes to measuring SM impact.
  14. 57% of companies that blog have been getting leads from their blogs.
  15. Social media does not happen overnight. There are no instant results. Don’t try to microwave, instead marinate!
  16. The best tool for social media measuring is the human brain, and that’s never going to change
  17. Social media marketing is like offline marketing. It is hard to prove that an increase in revenue is based solely from marketing
  18. Common mistakes in social measurement include impatience & by using the metrics provided by just the tool you are using
  19. Don’t measure social media using just social media, must have a correlation to business success!
  20. What  tools do I need? Everyone needs 3: monitor / listen, CRM, and analytics. Pulling them all together is the human middleware.

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