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Leverage your Performance with Google Tools

13 Oct

1. Adwords

Yes, these could be expensive when not used strategically but they proven to be very effective. Wise use of ad words with correct landing page generate good quality leads. They are also very effective when used parallel with Facebook ad. They don’t help organic search but I have known better organic search when ad words  are implemented.

2. Docs

Get yourself organised in a collaborative way in your business. Get insights from your colleagues. Sharing your docs with google help get out of the box information. The best bit is Google Docs shows you the changes that occurred in the documents. 

3. Keyword Tool

This tool helps you to find out the popular word locally or globally. Use this tool to write a SEO friendly blog. It is obvious that it is used for Ad Words.

4. Alert

Keep track of what your competitor is doing. Keep track of your industry changes. Create a google alert and have it delivered direct to your inbox. 

5. News

Knowledge is POWER. Keep and eye on what is happening  in your field with Google News.

6. Google Reader

Use the Reader to get your RSS subscribed at one place. This is the best way to listen blogs.

7. Places

The best free advertisement tool. Try to complete the profile and get visibility locally. Get your customers to review your service. This will be your asset to last forever !


Some Tools to monitor your business.

13 Aug

Pictures speaks for themselves so I have tried not to talk much on these charts. These free tools are great to monitor your social media performance and give you an insight what really is going on. The numbers are only “numbers” I would give importance on what comparative analysis between the time period and between the two different brands so that you know if you are doing things right and take corrective action to better yourselves.

I have taken two councils Torfaen and Caerphilly and have shown their social media performance in charts which I find rather interesting.


The Klout Score measures influence based on your shared information or how  you react with others. Every time you create content or engage you influence others.  This is one of the important number that will show you if you are doing things in the correct direction. Klout has bunch of metrics which gives you a Klout Score !

Torfaen Council Klout Score

Klout Score Explained

Caerphilly Council Klout Score

Network Influence  is the engagement level of your audience. The way that you can measure engagement is by likes, comments, lists, follows, @messages and retweets. It should be understood that each time a person does one of those things, it is a statement about how great your content is. It is not a simple thing to capture the attention of influencers and people who succeed at this definitely are sharing amazing content. The Network Influence should answer the following questions:

  • How influential are the people who follow your lists?
  • What sort of influence do the people who list you have?
  • How influential are your followers?
  • How much influence do your retweeters have?
  • What sort of influence do the people who contact you have?
Network InfluenceThe Amplification Probability is the probability that people will read you content and will take some action as a result. It has to do with your ability to create compelling content that causes other people to respond quickly and positively and to share what you have given them widely. Amplification Probability is broken down in the following manner:Velocity: 1. What is the likelihood that your content will be retweeted? 2. Do the same people retweet your content each time or are new people also retweeting your messages as time goes on?
Engagement: 1. Are you participating in discussions? 2. What sort of diversity does your group of followers have?
Activity: 1. Are you tweeting the appropriate amount for your audience? 2. Are your tweets of high quality (are you getting new followers, @replies and retweets)?Amplification Probability

True Reach

As was stated above, True Reach is t he size of your engaged audience. Non-essential accounts (accounts that are not active or spam accounts) are not included in True Reach. Only the accounts that you actually influence are taken into consideration. To look at True Reach in more detail, it is broken down in the following way:

Demand: Demand is the number of people you follow to build your number of followers and how often those people you follow return the favor.
Reach: This is how interesting your content is and whether it is substantive enough to increase your audience members, how widely your content has been shared, and how many people are adding you to their lists and whether those lists are being followed.

True Reach

These topics show your influential areas. It shows clearly what you are talking about !

Influential Topic

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So how do you use eBay as a customer acquisition tool?

27 Jul

Sellers who sell on eBay need to change their mindset and start using eBay as a marketing tool. Keep in mind that you are selling online and eBay is one of the platforms that is ready made for you. They bring good amount of traffic to drive your sales but you pay the price for it. eBay is building their business and changing periodically and so you have to change and build your business.

So how do you use eBay as a customer acquisition tool?

eBay considers every registered user as their customer, but in reality, eBay’s only customers are the sellers who pay them fees, so if an eBay user buys from you they are now your customer. You need to treat them as such.

  • Send them leaflet with an offer like discounts on shipping; free shipping, 10% OFF first order. If you do not wish to lose value of your sales show them how much they can save from your store compared to eBay and they get same service.
  • List clearance item on eBay. They must be cheaper than anywhere else using the stock you want to get rid of. You know eBay has got better SEO and their products are visible on Google products and many shopping sites which will eventually help you to get customer.
  • Take advantage of you eBay About Me page which is the only place you can put your web store address.
  • Include Twitter, Facebook links on your listings which will help you to start conversation with your customers. You can do what you like once conversation starts.

Do not stay with eBay only as buyers feel confident with other sales channels like Amazon, Pixmania and Play. Customers do look around for bargains and they are confident on what they use. Replicate eBay marketing tactics on other sales channel. Don’t forget you can include your store name at your “keyword search” on your listings.

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