So how do you use eBay as a customer acquisition tool?

27 Jul

Sellers who sell on eBay need to change their mindset and start using eBay as a marketing tool. Keep in mind that you are selling online and eBay is one of the platforms that is ready made for you. They bring good amount of traffic to drive your sales but you pay the price for it. eBay is building their business and changing periodically and so you have to change and build your business.

So how do you use eBay as a customer acquisition tool?

eBay considers every registered user as their customer, but in reality, eBay’s only customers are the sellers who pay them fees, so if an eBay user buys from you they are now your customer. You need to treat them as such.

  • Send them leaflet with an offer like discounts on shipping; free shipping, 10% OFF first order. If you do not wish to lose value of your sales show them how much they can save from your store compared to eBay and they get same service.
  • List clearance item on eBay. They must be cheaper than anywhere else using the stock you want to get rid of. You know eBay has got better SEO and their products are visible on Google products and many shopping sites which will eventually help you to get customer.
  • Take advantage of you eBay About Me page which is the only place you can put your web store address.
  • Include Twitter, Facebook links on your listings which will help you to start conversation with your customers. You can do what you like once conversation starts.

Do not stay with eBay only as buyers feel confident with other sales channels like Amazon, Pixmania and Play. Customers do look around for bargains and they are confident on what they use. Replicate eBay marketing tactics on other sales channel. Don’t forget you can include your store name at your “keyword search” on your listings.


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