15 Jul

You have got good prices for the brands in your shop. This will certain attract customer looking for bargains but how do you maximise your sales. Retail is all about OFFERS and it is ALL THE TIME.  Here are few techniques to attract your customers to take action immediately adding your sales.

Free Shipping

People used to online shopping love doing so and have less chances of going to the physical store. They have been paying for postage of the items for years and would gladly do so. But the seeing Free Postage gives them an idea that the price is better than store and they don’t have to pay postage which gives them hint to buy. Research has shown that more than a third of customers point to free delivery as ‘the most important factor’ in their last purchase. Free delivery offers are the main driver behind online shoppers’ purchase decisions – more so than even their site experience, a new study by ForeSee Results has indicated.

The company surveyed more than 10,500 visitors to 30 top retail websites in theUK to find out what drives site traffic, sales and satisfaction.

  • 34% cited free delivery as the most important factor in their last purchase decision.
  • 15% mentioned a positive site experience was significant
  • Free delivery offers also increased customer satisfaction by 4% when not restricted by caveats, according to the survey.

Many retailers offered free shipping over the Xmas period – so as the report says, other firms will “need to determine whether this lift in future sales merits the extra investment”. Amazon extended free shipping seeing its demand during Christmas.  90% of the orders placed through Amazon qualify for free delivery. The Telegraph quotes Amazon UK MD Bruce McBride, who said: “Times are tough out there and this will come as a welcome bonus for people.” eBay claim that free postage increases sales. They also claim that free postage is “the norm” on the internet.

  • If you cannot offer it across the board, then do what Amazon does and introduce a valuation threshold, or simply make it available for more expensive items.  This sort of offer will boost conversions, but it also plays a vital role in your marketing campaigns. Use it as bait.
  • It is worth remembering that many consumers who are attracted to a free delivery offer will actually select ‘next day delivery’, rather than waiting for their products to arrive.
  • People love the convenience of shopping online. But they don’t like paying for shipping. Offer your customer free shipping and you’ll generate more sales than you’ll lose in shipping costs.
  • When developing your free shipping special, consider a minimum order amount before the free shipping offer kicks in.

Who says 10 percent doesn’t go a long way? Discounts can help you obtain long-term customers the easy way. This is good way to reward loyal customers.

Surprise Gifts
If a customer orders an item you specify or a minimum amount of products/services, give them a surprise gift. The gifts you give don’t have to cost too much. They’re just a way for you to show your customers your appreciation for their business. “Surprise” will definitely spread the news !

This is the basic marketing technique. Create clearance price for the stock you don’t want to keep and shout out loud.


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